Words-L FAQ



"Can't we all get along?"

  1. Obey all rules.
  2. Do not provoke the listowners.
  3. Nobody has ever been kicked off the list for having a mail-bouncing full mailbox. Deleted, nomailed, digested, yes. But never kicked off.
  4. We are on a mailing list, not a service, newsgroup, or other non-Listserv object.
  5. It can be stated without fear of contradiction that a fair number of the members are anal sphincters.
  6. Newbies are subjected to a round of good-natured horseplay.
  7. Pay no attention to the old-timers. Most of them are losing their ability to remember anything the way it actually happened.


1.0 When was ___ discussed?

    1.1 In 1991.