Welcome to WORDS-L. If you are new to the world of electronic lists or have limited experience with it, you should keep in mind that joining a list is like walking into a room where conversations are underway. The normal behavior in such a situation is to listen to the conversations in order to determine the subject matter and context, join the conversations that interest you, introduce a new topic if you find the conversations boring, or leave the room if you find the group dull or offensive.

The discussions on WORDS-L are wide-ranging. Although the list began as a forum for discussion of the English language, it has evolved through the years into a discussion of anything the subscribers want to discuss. If you are looking for a single-topic list, you will probably not be happy here.

WORDS-L has LISTSERV archives available at http://listserv.uga.edu/archives/words-l.html. In addition, the last two week's postings are available via anonymous ftp at ftp://ftp.msstate.edu/docs/words-l/Archives.

Other files relating to Words-L and what we are are at ftp://ftp.msstate.edu/docs/words-l/index
(Note that is a lower-case l in 'words-l', not the number 1.)

The WORDS-L Web site is http://www.words-l.org.

Once again, welcome to WORDS-L! We hope you'll join one or more of our various conversations.

Note to Outlook Express users and any others who use HTML-capable mailers: please set your mailer to use plain text when sending to Words-L.