Words-L is housed on the listserv at the University of Georgia (UGA). To subscribe to the list, send email to The body of the message should say:
subscribe words-l Your Name 

where "Your Name" is your own name.

When you are accepted, you will receive a message for new subscribers.

Words-L is also accessible through a Web-based interface that includes the capability to search the archive of Words-L messages back to late March of 2000. To read mail with your Web browser, use this address: From the listserv main page, choose the "Browse, Subscribe, Post, Search . . . " option. This leads to a list of lists on which Words-L appears at the bottom.

Words-L is a mailing list, run on Listserv software at UGA. Words-L does not look or feel like a newsgroup, it does not adhere to anyone's ideas of netiquette, and it takes the greatest pleasure in flaming newbies who chastise it about not staying on topic.



Words-L: Where words collide

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