Words-L FTFs
1991 The original Words-L gathering was a barbeque held in Atlanta on July 4, 1991, at the home of Leonard Abbey.
1992 The next year a list clambake was held July 5 in Bristol, Rhode Island.
1993 Wordslers gathered on July 4, 1993, for a salmonbake in Portland, Oregon.
1994 The 1994 list meeting was a goat roast on July 4 in Starkville, Mississippi.
1995 Wordstock '95 was on July 3, 1995, at The Farm in Western Pennsylvania.
1996 Toronto was the site for Torondezvous 1996.
1997 Missionfest '97 was held in July 1997 in Santa Barbara, California.
1998 The 1998 event—Slugfest—was held in Louisville, Kentucky, around July 4.
1999 In 1999 it was a Block Party of sorts—on Block Island, Rhode Island.
2000 The San Francisco Bay area was the location for Wordquake '00. 
2001  The 2001 gatheringdubbed with a name not fit for polite companytook place in Iowa.  

BatFest 2002, set for Austin, Texas, turned out to be the fest that didn't fly.

2003 The 2003 gathering—Acadiafest—is scheduled to occur in July as usual in Bar Harbor, Maine.
2004 For 2004, the target is Namibia.




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